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25 - 26 серпня 2017
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фортеця XVIII ст. Круглий Двір
LE BASOUR is an Italian band founded in Treviso (Italy) in 2012, by Allen Plaze (vocals, guitar, sound synthesizer), Skylle Mora (bass), Marnia Boll (drums, percussion), KnK (guitar). The musical genre of the band is divisive: some sources define the group Alternative Rock, while others prefer to see them as part of the latest trend derived from the Electro Pop Rock. Early in 2012 the members of Le Basour start collaborating with Mad4Music with the objective of making their first Album.

The Album "Pray to Stay" will be released on March 3rd 2015 in all Digital Store. The tracks are varied going from ballads such as Northern Light and Wild Her to faster tunes as I Like It, Here I Am, the title track Pray to Stay, Dancing with tears in my eyes, Ultravox cover. Moreover, songs with electronic rhythms and instrumentals also stand out in the Album such as the first track The End or the song Lover. Pray to Stay is chosen as the first single that will present the Album to the general public and it is also made into a videoclip directed by Andrea Guarascio of 4Frame. In 2015 there will be a tour touching the major Italian and European cities to promote the Album "Pray to Stay".

The video Pray to Stay is broadcast exclusively on the website www.repubblica.it of the National Daily "La Repubblica" getting thousands of views. Pray to Stay has been selected as the video of the week and broadcast in rotation on the channel Italy ROCK TV channel Sky 718. The Single Track Pray to Stay is broadcast in more than 60 radio including National Radio's such as Virgin Radio trough its programs New Generation presented by Andrea Rock together with Julia Salvi and Revolver presented by Ringo, also on the National Program of Caterpillar on Rai Radio 2. In April Le Basour are chosen as Artist of the week and their single enters the charts placing them to the 4 th place in digital distribution with Zimbalam from January to March 2015. In order to keep in balance their live performances, the band choose an excellent guitarist called KnK. On April 11, Le Basour organize their first Live Show presented directly by Andrea Rock of Virgin Radio.

2016 started with an important exibition along with Three Days Grace in Kiev, Thousand Foot Krutch, Royal Republic, The Birthday Massacre, Ramones.

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